For Yellow-belts: A New Topic Arrives.


Hi, yellow-belt students, まさ・ふくプロ again. I have changed and moved many many times in my life. Born in Nagasaki, I moved to Osaka to go to college. When I was 23, I came to Tokyo to work. The room the company gave me was in Saitama. I quit the job, and then I lived in Tokyo for a while. ・・・After that, changed changed moved moved Hahaha!! Please have a look at my latest posting at Dojo diary. I am thinking of living abroad in the future. Each town has its own charm. What is your place like? Why do you live there?

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  1. I made a comment but couldn’t post seemingly due to technical malfunction. I don’t know the reason and the time’s up. Uh? This time successful! Oops, I didn’t take a copy of the comment and have lost it.


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