For white-belts: 2 new topics arrive.


これまで学習した文だけでも、いろいろなことが表現できますよ。(人を説明する)I have a friend. His name is Ken. He works for a bank. He usually leaves for work early in the morning. He is a very hard worker. I go fishing in the sea with Ken. He is good at fishing too. I am a good cook. I sometimes invite him to dinner. We talk a lot and have fun.

これまで学習した文だけでも、いろいろなことが表現できますよ。(ものを説明する)This is my camera. It is black and a little heavy. It is very expensive but I like this camera. The pictures are very beautiful. I often go outside with it and take pictures of flowers and cats. I show the pictures on SNS and my friends give me a lot of likes. I am very happy.


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