My Cherry Tree Has Blossomed (Test posting #2)

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Cherry Tree

Kuriya Imagami runs a small company. His office looks like an ordinary house and it has a garden. There is a four-meter-high young somei-yoshino cherry tree in the garden. It is currently in full bloom. Kuriya is very glad to observe every branch of it with a plethora of blossoms.

There used to be an old, giant cherry tree near the entrance gate of his office’s premises. The tree had a few thick branches which arched in layers over the driveway. When spring came, the tree bloomed tens of thousands of blossoms, which was breathtakingly magnificent. The appreciated tree was therefore the symbol of the office.

One year, however, it began to decay because of aging and a disease combined. The gardener said there was barely no chance for the tree to recover and that it would have to be cut down for the safety of the customers who walk or drive under its frail branches. Kuriya asked the gardener whether he could reproduce the tree. The gardener answered it would be worth trying though the possibility of success might be 50 to 50.

The transplantation (though it might not be correct to call it)――to cut a few twigs off from the weakened mother tree, nurture them until they have fibrous roots, and replant them in the soil of the pots――proved to be successful; the twigs or saplings began to grow. Two years after the mother tree had been cut down, one of the best-grown saplings, namely a part, a clone, or an offspring of his company’s symbol made a come back to the garden. This is it. Kuriya feels extraordinary happy as he realizes the young tree is energetic enough to have plenty of blossoms this season again.