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Is this collection right or wrong for KFC flavor?

I love Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Original Chicken” pieces. It is quite known to KFC lovers that it offers 5 types of chicken pieces according to the parts cut out from a whole chicken; a keel(breast), two wings, two limbs, two thighs, and two drums(legs). In my idea, keel is equivalent to what is called “white meat”, while thighs to “dark meat”.

Keel is said to be a favorite part for women as it tastes rather plain and light in fat, whereas thighs are by far popular among men including myself as they taste heavy and rich in fat.

You would be turned down at the counter of a KFC location, however, with your request to make the Original Chicken pieces of your lunch basket all thighs. You are generally not supposed to order multiple number of the same specific part, which is quite reasonable in light of avoiding partialness of their stock.

I have therefore dreamed of cooking my favorite Original Chicken thighs at home. Due to a novel coronavirus spread, I have ample free time now. Blending several seasonings I surmise necessary to reproduce the familiar flavor as there seems to be no definitive recipe made open to public, I am now going to get it started!


  1. Your best friend より:

    Hahaha! Kuriya, what you should do first during this Corona outbreak is not trying to make your original piece of chicken but to do some exercise; otherwise, you would be attacked by some other diseases.