Started English Conversation Class

代表世話人:まさ・ふくプロ Staff Blog

  I started not teaching but learning English conversation. I applied for the class at a company called Rerejob Inc., offering English conversation classes online, using people in the Philippines. The lesson fee is  surprisingly cheap, though the service is rather good and has satisfied me so far.

  Every day, you can have one 25-minute class. According to your levels, they can choose a suitable plan for you, or you can ask for free conversations. Choosing one  topic to talk about or a free material to use is also possible.

  This is the first month I have joined the classes. They charged me only about JPY3,500!! ( From next month, that will be about 6,000, which may, however,  correspond to the price allowing you to take only 3 classes if you ask for American or British teachers. So this company is serving us for almost a tenth of lesson fees. ) A variety of teachers ( teens to ones in their 60s, men and women, different careers, different education backgrounds ) are waiting for you to choose. You don’t have to worry about the teachers’ quality. Great!! Even young, many of them have good and clear pronunciation and are ready to cope with such topics as economy and science, if chosen just 5  minutes before my lesson starts.   

  Getting rid of the stereotyped way of thinking on English conversation, why don’t you try their classes once? I highly recommend you should.