Website Grand Opening !!


May 27th, 2019 is a memorable day for us; it’s a grand opening day of this Kotodama Eigo Dojo website. Actually, we haven’t completed all the pages yet, but the core contents now  function and the basic service we offer is available. We are going to invite new members broadly from today on.

The U.S. President Donald Trump is currently staying in Tokyo as Japan’s first national guest in the new Reiwa era. He arrived yesterday and he officially greets the new Emperor today. Today will be a very hot day as well as yesterday was. 

We have already given our trainees (道場生) some topics so that they can express their opinions about these. You are the one who is expected to type in the input box about what you think. So join us and become a member now. Let’s get the ball rolling!!


投稿者: ことだま英語道場 道場長 古都田誠

ことだ まこと。「ことだま英語道場」の架空の道場長である。ドジョウ長という洒落ではござらぬ。この世界ではなく、ことだま世界の住人(という設定)でござるゆえ、実際の道場の運営は世話人たちに任せておる。

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  1. I am very happy to know that you finally started your service. I will sometimes visit this site and look forward to exchanging opininons and ideas with other Dojo students.

  2. I have already started using your Dojo practicing rooms, In order to post my story, I learn a lot and I repeat writing sentences to make a sentence a better one. It’s a good practice for me. I hope many more Dojo students will join the practice. That’ll be fun!!


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