For the Brown-belts: A New Topic Added.

Persuade him/her to accompany you for spectating Tokyo Olympic Games.


Good  morning, Brownies! Here’s a new topic for you:

Brown008:You want to go to Tokyo with your partner to see the Olympic Games on site instead of just watching them on TV. But your partner thinks the other way. Persuade him/her.

I wonder the Olympic Game Spectating Ticket winners are being informed individually in turns. I (Imagami) am really envious of the people who live within a day-trip distance from the venue, namely in Kanto area .  It seems quite tiresome and expensive for the people living in the remote areas because of presumably very high hotel room rates in Tokyo and nearby areas in addition to transportation fares from/back home. These tickets also need to be confirmed. Still some might think of spectating a series of exciting games on the very site at any costs. Imagine you are the one and your partner is not. How would you persuade her to come with you? 

Please write here.

投稿者: 今神栗八

Kuriya Imagami 今神栗八 (いまがみ くりや) ハンドルネームの今神栗八は、自身の英語創作活動「ことだまカンパニー・プロジェクト(KCP)」におけるスローガン、”To Imagine Is To Create.”(想像は創造なり) から命名。

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  1. I live in Kanto so that I have an easy access to the venue of the Olympic Games, so close to the venues that I cannot imagine how valuable an experience it will be to see the games and matches on site.


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